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Sprint Fleet Solutions

Posted on 10/15/2014 by Mecca Howe

According to the Fleet Leader 2013 Outlook survey by GreenRoad, the top three concerns of fleet administrators include reducing fuel costs, improving maintenance expenses and ensuring safe driving. Sprint found from the US Department of Energy that costs can be reduced with better driving habits and routine maintenance.

Better driving habits include: 

  » Eliminating aggressive driving can improve gas mileage up to 33%
» Eliminating idling can save up to 1/2 gallons of fuel per hour
» Maintaining your vehicles may improve mileage by up to 6% and extend vehicle life, improve safety, minimize legal liability and reduce breakdowns
  » Driver coaching of better driving habits can prevent up 30% of accidents

Sprint Connected Fleet solutions was created to help you do all these things. Their fleet management solutions with Spireon and Geotab provide near real time analysis of where your vehicles are, what they’re doing, and how they are being driven. This innovated technology ensures your drivers are on time, compliant, and safe. Furthermore, it provides a way to curb concerns like excessive idling, fuel wasting driving behaviors, costly HOS fines, and more. 

Sprint’s Connected Asset and Trailer Management solutions for fleets allow you to easily track valuable assets and maximize the use of your trailers. This way, you can improve your asset utilization, reduce time spent looking for your trailers and/or assets, reduce theft, increase turns per trailer, and ultimately improve work flows, productivity and maintenance. To learn more visit m2m.sprint.com/m2m-solutions/connected-fleet.