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This is how we roll...how the right tires can help you save on fuel.

Posted on 10/15/2014 by Mecca Howe

Changes to your tires are an easy way to make your truck more fuel-efficient. How? Rolling resistance—the pressure that a rolling tire puts on the road—is one force that works against your truck’s speed.

Air resistance, friction loss in the engine, and steep inclines are other contributing factors. Some experts report that as much as a third of a truck’s fuel consumption is caused by tire rolling resistance. Two percent less fuel consumed could result from just 5% improvement in rolling resistance. For a company that spends $500,000 annually on fuel, that 2% reduction means saving $10,000 a year.

Make your tires do the work
Here are a few tips to help you lower rolling resistance and fuel costs:

Traction matters. The fuel-efficient tires of today offer less traction and rolling resistance, but do not limit a truck’s safe operation. Studies show that even a switch from duel tires to wide-base singles doesn't compromise safe driving in hazardous conditions.

Older tires can be more efficient than new ones. Their treads are not as deep. As a tread wears down, the fuel efficiency of the tire usually increases due to less traction. The second half of your tires’ tread life can save you more money than the first half.

Uneven tire pressure can add expense. Proper inflation for a given tire size and truckload will reduce the flexing, stress and build- up in the tire that lead to wasteful fuel use. Even fuel-efficient retreaded casings can be importantly effective, as well.

Not all axles are the same. The amount of rolling resistance per axle is equal to the amount of weight that axle bears. Thus, the trailer axles on a tractor-trailer offer the best chance of fuel savings.

It pays to do the research. Every tire company offers a fuel-efficient product for trucks, so take time to research customer reviews, independent studies and price comparisons to make sure you find the right set of tires for your fuel-saving needs.

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