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Keep Track of Your Trailers and Assets With Three Months Free

Posted on 11/24/2014 by Mecca Howe

For a limited time, Sprint is offering three free months of service credit with the purchase and activation of Spireon® FleetLocate® GPS solution to provide businesses with near real-time location and status information over the Sprint network.

The 2013 GreenRoad "Fleet Leader 2013 Outlook" survey showed the top 3 concerns for fleet administrators, which included reducing fuel costs, improving maintenance expenses and ensuring safe driving. By leveraging Sprieon's GPS tracking solutions, you can ensure your vehicles and assets are on time, on task and safe, eliminating extra costs from aggressive driving, idling, breakdowns, thefts, and looking for your trailers and/or assets.

Benefits of Spireon Trailer/Asset Management Solutions:
  • Monitor locations of trailers and assets with near real-time location
  • Quickly help recover lost or stolen items
  • Document location history for better billing accuracy
  • Increase operational efficiency and to reduce the need to purchase additional equipment

Features include:
  • Alerts upon arrival and departure
  • Automated yard checks
  • Geofencing notifications for when trailers are between designated areas
  • Activity reports displaying movement and inactivity

Plus, for a limited time, receive three free months of service credit with activation and purchase of Spireon FleetLocate for trailer and asset management. To see pricing and full details, click here.

To learn more about Spireon, watch a free webinar here.