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Get Super Savings with Sprint

Posted on 2/1/2016 by

Is your wallet in need of a savings hero? You're in luck because Sprint is to the rescue, yet again. Let them be your hero and make sure that you always have the coverage you want when you need it. Avoid those sneaky data overages, get great benefits the whole family will love, and best of all SAVE with these great promotions.

Super Strength and Super Speed. What More do you Need?

Get data for your whole family at speeds that would make Superman himself jealous. Now, switch to Sprint and get 40 GB of data to share for less than $100 a month. That's at least DOUBLE the data the big name competitors offer. Never worry if you'll go over on your data either because Sprint will send you a text notification both when you are nearing your data limit as well as when you have met it.


Do you get your wireless services through a different provider? No problem! Sprint won't penalize you for using another provider. They'll actually reward you! Switch over to Sprint, and have your switching fees of up to $650 per line paid for. That means for you can switch providers at no additional cost to you PLUS get 4 lines of unlimited talk, text, and 40 GB of data to share on Sprint's reliable network for less than $120 a month. Click here to learn how you can get all the coverage you and your family need and be the new hero.


Save Your Friends and be Rewarded

Sprint is one hero that doesn't need a secret identity. Share the great service and savings you're getting with your friends and Sprint will reward you! For every new line of service your friends activate, you receive $50 Reward Cash, up to $500 a year, via American Express Rewards! Not only will you be rewarded, but your friends will also receive $50 Reward Cash as well for each line of service they activate.


Don't keep these savings a secret too long. All activations must occur before March 31, 2016 to qualify for Reward Cash. Click here to learn more about how you can share the savings with Sprint.


Let Sprint be your Safety Net

Want to avoid those sneaky data overage charges? If you reguarly use data, Sprint's unlimted data plan may be the plan for you. For just $20 a month, get unlimited high-speed data on Sprint's reliable network . Act quickly though because this exclusive offer is only available until February 11, 2016.


If you'd rather save a little extra on your data plan, Sprint has the solution for you. Get 1 GB of high speed data for just $16.40 a month with your FTS Plus+ discount. If that 1 GB of data runs out, you have access to unlimited data at a 2G speed. That means you never have overages charges to worry about. Click here to learn more about your data options


Our number one priority is to save you and your fleet as much money as possible, so if you like the savings you see here, visit us at ftsplus.com/savings or give us a call at (800) 749-1724 Opt. 2 to learn more about we can help you maximize your savings now.